Hello, we are Badviento! A Nativity scene that doubles as an Advent calendar and the little houses representing the small city of Bethlehem. A craft that renews traditions and  the new tradition that you will repeat every year. Badviento is a game in which you will build paper houses (depicting Bethlehem). Adding the number stickers, you will get a fun Advent calendar. You will only have to include the surprises inside the houses to have fun while you wait for the arrival of Christmas.

Badviento will help you create  fun and unforgettable memories.

Badviento is Christmas reinvented.


Badviento Printable (english version)

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  • You will receive 1 file in pdf format. This file contains the instructions and the necessary pages to build the houses of Bethlehem. To stick them more easily, we recommend glue on a roll, although any glue will work. If you keep it in a box, it stays in perfect shape for next year. You can customize the houses. For example, you can cut out the windows and put lights inside. You can paint the walls, the domes, or you can hang the houses from a Christmas wreath. The possibilities are endless.